For centuries, cooking and eating together has been an important social and cultural moment of happiness and connection, while nowadays we eat alone on average half the time, and often not even prepare it ourselves.

Back Eat offers a new and affordable alternative between eating out and cooking at home. Think of it more like a dinner club than a cooking studio because there is no one to hold your hand. This knife cuts both ways: each group has its own energy that remains intact without outsiders, and it challenges your own responsibility. Trust your collective knowledge and all those hands make light work.

The intimate dining kitchen inspires creativity and dialogue. The cabinets full of cookbooks and an extensive record collection complete the experience and allow you to be truely offline if you want.


My wonderful adventure with record store Michiel Vinyl taught me that entrepreneurship is my way of development. I see that period as a kind of music education thanks to the valuable conversations with customers and the music you listen to together. And now I want to plunge into the world of cooking in the same way, a love that, like music, keeps growing as I learn more about it.

I see myself as a hobby chef with a serious cookbook addiction. When I walked past Back Beat Records last year and saw that they wanted to quit after 32 years, my mind started bursting with ideas. So now it has become a place that combines my loves.

I hope Back Eat will continue to exist for 32 years as well. May we together refine the universal language of music and cooking here. And that above all we can celebrate life by consciously making time for connection.


Michiel Koolen