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Egelantiersstraat 19, 1015 PV, Amsterdam, Nederland

How does it work in practice?

Reservations are accepted by telephone: 020-6271657. Of course you can always call or mail ( for information and I am happy to meet in the kitchen to discuss your wishes.

In the latter case, I would like to lend you some cookbooks for inspiration / preparation, although experience shows that it works just as well to come unprepared. Discover the fun of not knowing what your evening will bring beforehand and see what happens when you go through the cookbooks and make your choice all together. A shopping list and the shopping itself are easily done in no time. The wide choice of butchers, fish shops, caterers, greengrocers and supermarkets around the corner are part of the experience.  In consultation I can assist composing your personal menu or provide all preparations.

I always welcome you personally, to help you find your way and to explain the use of kitchen appliances. After that, it is up to you. I can still be reached during the evening and I live in the street. At an agreed time (around 10 pm) I will come back to hear how you experienced the evening and to say goodbye. You can already fill the dishwasher, but apart from that cleaning is included in the price.

You will experience that it is all very straightforward, you are your own kitchen brigade. Bomb each other to chef, sous chef or cutting assistant, or divide it into courses. And taking turns selecting vinyl is the secret ingredient.

Kind regards,

Michiel Koolen